Lizzie RESCUE Profile

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Sex: female

Breed: French Bulldog mix

Estimated Age: 4 years

Breed: Small (10-20lbs)


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Profile Details

Activity Level:
Moderate - requires a daily 30 minute walk

Leash Manners:
I am easy to walk and pull very little

Grooming Requirements:
I need regular brushing and the occasional bath

Sociability with Dogs:
Does fine with other dogs, could live with another dog or as the only dog

General Personality:
Friendly and social

Ideal Family:
Teenage kids

General Comments

 Lizzie is a regal gal with a heart of gold! and an old soul  Hence her name.  We named her after Queen Elizabeth.  She is a calm, gentle, sweet gal.  She walks well on the leash, rides well in the car and enjoys her canine friends.  A quick walk with Lizzie and you have a friend for life.  Stay a spell with her and she'll quietly ease her way over to you, finding a spot to snuggle on your lap.  If you look closely you'll notice that this beauty has an adorable underbite.  It makes her even cuter - if that was even possible.

Looking into Lizzie's sweet eyes and you too will see an old soul.  We wonder what stories she'd have to share. We know one thing for sure, Lizzie is looking forward to the next chapter in her life.  A life, a home, a family to call her own.  She has a big heart full of love to share.  Will you be the lucky one to receive it?!

If you're looking for a mellow canine friend to share sofa time, Sunday brunch, neighborhood walks and cold winter nights, look no further.  Lizzie is eager to met you.  Please fill out an application for this lovely lady today!

RESCUE History

Lizzie was surrendered by her "owner" in the field but when told they would have to pay a fee, they said she was a stray dog.  She weighed 14.9 pounds when we rescued her.